24h FROLIC – Bike Bell

We’ve since redesigned it, read more about Pingbell


Problem: “I can’t find my bike at the train station”

If you are a cyclist in a bike-friendly city, you probably recognize the feeling of being unable to find your bike when parking in a busy place. It can be a nightmare to find your bike – even if you remember the place where you parked it, people may have moved it or it’s squished under other bikes. We used this 24h-FROLIC to come up with a way to find a bike after parking it in very bike-crowded places.

Solution: Bluetooth Bike Bell + App

We hacked a bike bell so that from the outside it looks like an ordinary bell, however on the inside it’s nothing but normal. It is packed with electronics and uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to connect to your iPhone. When you park your bike and walk away from it, you break the bluetooth connection to your bike and the app will automatically drop a pin on the map. This gives you the general location of your bike using GPS. With BLE you can use your phone to even more precisely locate your bike’s position. But in the insanity of these bike parking lots, this may still not be enough as you often stand right by your bike and have difficulties spotting it. This is why we added the ability to remotely ring your bell directly from the app. This makes it easy to find your bike using your ears instead of your cluttered sense of sight.


What should we tackle next?

We’d love for you to tell us what problems you see around you. Send us a note with #24hFROLIC on Twitter, Instagram, email or actual mail (nothing beats the physical), we’ll then put it in the box for you and maybe tackle it.

Thanks to Arnoud Traa for letting us record the VO at his studio: De Auditieve Dienst


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