Meet the Smartians

    Why replace your things just because they’re not state-of-the-art? Smartians are cloud-connected motors that breathe new life into the things around you.


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    What’s in the box?


    Smartian + Base

    The grid of snap-fits cleverly allows you to place your Smartians just the way you need it. With almost no setup, you have all the flexibility you need, for any situation.


    The Hub is connected to the cloud and controls all the Smartians around your home. You can also use it to charge them (for months of use).
    Do you have a large home? Don’t worry – Smartians extend the range by passing on messages to the others which are too far from the Hub.


    Snap the add-ons onto the Smartian to give it a specific functionality. The add-ons allow you to do anything your hands can do, from afar.

    Push, pull, touch, pierce 

    Rotate, reel, spin, twist

    Hack, adapt, connect to anything

    Use triggers to automate

    Control your Smartians based on your location.
    Set up timers and routines.
    Integrate with the services you already use: Google Home, Amazon Echo, weather APIs, etc.



    Take a peek at the behind-the-scenes, from early prototypes to the film shoot.

    Want to know when it’s ready?

    Smartians is currently a functional proof-of-concept, designed and developed by FROLIC studio. We are gauging interest and looking for investors. Would you like to keep in touch?
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