FROLIC is an interaction and product design studio based in Amsterdam. Say hello to 2015, where our world has become a rather wild place and it’s hard to tell what’s a product, a service or branding. A place where the boundary between what is digital and physical is getting blurry. It’s all a little chaotic but we like to see this as a playground of opportunities.

At FROLIC, we make/design/invent things that resonate with its audience. We slot ourselves between technology, art and people where we try to generate authentic buzz and care towards a brand or a product. Sometimes we’re exploring new product ideas, sometimes we’re creating experiences but what we’re always after is to get people to come out smiling, crying, thinking, tweeting – whatever is right for the project.

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Andrew Spitz


Hello! Before starting FROLIC, I co-founded and was the creative director of Flying, an iPhone app for frequent flyers. My early days were spent as a sound designer and sound FX recordist/editor where I worked on feature films, commercials and documentaries. From there, I discovered the world of interactivity and made interactive installations, softwareprototypes and fun randomness. I teach workshops in interaction design and interactive programming. You can also check out a timeline view of my life.

Ruben van der Vleuten


In the past years I’ve been involved in a medical start-up called Urogyn. With a background in industrial design, I was made responsible for all product design and development. At the same time I led another life as an interaction designer developing skills in electronics and programming and studying at The Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design. After four years with Urogyn I decided it was time to focus completely on my true passion and start FROLIC.

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