What do we do?

FROLIC studio explores the potential of technology, and makes products that aren’t just functional but also meaningful to the people that use them. We specialize in the new so it’s a bit tricky to pin point exactly what it is that we do but, simply put, we’re an innovation and design consultancy. We work with you on R&D to help you visualize, experience and explore undiscovered opportunities in your business and products then turn these into products.

What can we do for you?

Whether it’s a physical device, a digital service or the two combined (our speciality), you require a fresh type of thinking and a team that has a broad set of skills capable of innovating and bringing ideas to life. Through our design process, we will help you find solutions that fit your strategy, brand and above all fit in today’s world and your market.

We believe in the power of building and making, and experiencing ideas hands-on is the best way to validate ideas and concepts. Through these proof of concepts, we open the path toward the realization of your product and services – ensuring that not only people will love it but that it’s feasible to manufacture within your budget.

Where do we fit?

…outside the box. We give you a fresh pair of eyes and make sure you’re one step ahead of today’s tech and trends. We ideally love to be involved at the beginning of the ideation process. When we team up, we start with a clean slate and after diving into your context, we build our own intuition to start our hands-on approach to bringing ideas to life through prototyping.


  • User research, insights
  • Ideation, concepts, proof of concepts
  • Functional prototyping
  • Interaction design, user experience
  • Industrial design, electronics, programming
  • Pilot programs
  • Small batch manufacturing
  • Mass manufacturing

Founding partners

Andrew Spitz


Before starting FROLIC studio, I co-founded and was the creative director of Flying, an iPhone app for frequent flyers. My early days were spent as a sound designer and sound FX recordist/editor where I worked on feature films, commercials and documentaries. From there, I discovered the world of interactivity and made interactive installations, software, prototypes and fun randomness. I teach workshops in interaction design and interactive programming.

Ruben van der Vleuten


As an industrial designer, I have a passion for making physical objects. Starting my career in designing and developing medical products, I then moved into the world of interaction design where I developed my skills in electronics and gained a love for connecting the physical to the digital world. Founding FROLIC studio enabled me to bring this knowledge into practice, leading the industrial design and electric engineering from proof of concept all the way to production.

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